Young Kyung Do

Professor, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea

Department of Health Policy and Management

Research interests

Decision-making in Medicine and Health Care

  • Economics of health and health care
  • Bounded rationality
  • Risk literacy and risk communication

Population Health

  • Health/education/labor interplay
  • Mental health of older adults
  • Informal care and caregiver health
  • Sleep and public health (more generally, time use and population health)

Quality of Health Care

  • Patient-centeredness; Patient’s perspective on quality; Patient experience; Health system responsiveness

Policy and Program Evaluation

  • Quasi-experimental methods    

Selected Publications

Park, S. H., Do, Y. K., & Chung, Y. S. (2023). Review and Application of the Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence Guidelines in Korea. Quality Improvement in Health Care29(1), 85-100.

Kim, S., Monahan, J. L., & Do, Y. K. (2023). Communication-based strategies to curb the overuse of low-value cancer screening. Journal of Communication, jqad006.

Shin, Y., Lee, J. S., & Do, Y. K. (2022). Increase in Potential Low-value Magnetic Resonance Imaging Utilization Due to Out-of-pocket Payment Reduction Across Income Groups in Korea: An Experimental Vignette Study. Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health55(4), 389-397.

Lee, J. S., Kim, S., & Do, Y. K. (2021). Public preferences for allocation principles for scarce medical resources in the COVID-19 pandemic in Korea: Comparisons with ethicists’ recommendations. Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health54(5), 360.

Do, Y. K. (2019). Causal effect of sleep duration on body weight in adolescents: a population-based study using a natural experiment. Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.)30(6), 876.

Do, N., & Do, Y. K. (2018). Dual practice of public hospital physicians in Vietnam. Health policy and planning33(8), 898-905.