Evaluation Study "Strengthening Corona and Flu Knowledge and Vaccination Behaviour of Citizens" (CoWiS)

There is a lot of responsibility on citizens to make good choices and protect themselves. However, corona and flu knowledge and vaccination behaviour are unevenly distributed between different population groups. And the different information gaps and needs are not sufficiently addressed to enable all citizens to make these choices.

What is the aim of the study?
We will investigate the knowledge and behaviour of people from different cultural and social backgrounds in different care settings about COVID-19 and influenza vaccination. For this, citizens will be recruited in settings where education about these vaccinations is provided (e.g. in doctors' surgeries, health centres, outreach work in cultural centres, home visits, etc.).

How can you support us concretely?
By you or your institution supporting the recruitment of study participants. For this purpose, you will receive sufficient information flyers with a QR code or a link to our study. It is up to you to decide in which way and in which situation the people at your location receive the flyer and are thus made aware of our study. The flyer and the online study will be available in Arabic, Turkish, German, and Russian in order to reach citizens who speak these languages.

Behind the QR code/link, participants will find information on the study, data protection, the declaration of consent and a questionnaire in their respective mother tongue. Participants fill out this questionnaire online about vaccination and their vaccination behaviour. Assuming you agree, we would also like to ask those who provide the information a few questions at the end.


Do you still have questions about the study or would you like to support us?

If you have any questions or would like to support us in the recruitment process, please contact us at lena.krippner@uni-potsdam.de.