Evaluation Study "Promoting Informed COVID-19 and Influenza Vaccination Decisions among Citizens in Germany."

The research project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of evidence-based fact boxes on COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations in terms of informed vaccination decisions among more and less disadvantaged citizens in Germany. The fact boxes were developed to provide complete and transparent information about the benefits and harms of the vaccines, allowing individuals to make medical decisions based on the best available evidence, considering their preferences and needs. 

The study will involve people from diverse cultural, linguistic, and social backgrounds in various healthcare and outreach settings. The main question is whether the developed fact boxes effectively communicate the benefits and harms of COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations to individuals from different social contexts and in what contexts they can improve communication. The project will use a cluster-randomized controlled trial design, where those who communicate about health-related topics – including COVID-19 and influenza vaccines - will be randomized into intervention or control groups. By examining the impact of evidence-based fact boxes on socially diverse groups in real-life settings, the results will help to explore their impact on information equity and health care.